Why Today’s Homes Burn Faster

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Your home today may be more prone to fire than a home built decades ago, but why is that? Homeowners fire insurance from Neighbors Insurance Agency in Florida can protect you in the event of a fire in your home. There is little that we can do to fix the fact that newer homes burn faster, but being prepared and having a policy for homeowners insurance Florida trusts can make a huge difference.


What Makes the Difference?


Thirty years ago, you had about seventeen minutes to exit your home when it caught fire. Now you have just about three or four. Where does this difference come from? Why are our modern homes so prone to fire? The answer lies in a few things. One of these is the building materials that are used to build homes now as opposed to several decades ago. Rather than natural wood, a man-made material called particle board is used to build modern homes. These make them cheaper to build and you can effectively get more house for less money, but the sacrifice lies in the fact that they are also much easier to catch fire.

The other important factor to consider is the layout of modern homes. Homes now are largely open layout, which make it easier for fire to spread. Also with the addition of high ceilings, this makes the space larger and more welcoming to fire. That said, larger, more open homes tend to have more things occupying them, which means that there is more fuel for fire to last.

Finally, the last factor is the actual material used in furniture building. The materials that are used to build furnishings now are much more durable and often not made of natural materials. However, though they may be resistant to small smoldering, once they actually catch fire it does not take long for them to burn.


Be Prepared and Have Homeowners Fire Insurance


The most important thing you can do for your home is to have smoke detectors installed. Most modern homes already do, but make sure that you regularly replace the battery and test them to ensure they are in good working order.

You must also make sure that you have an escape plan for your family in the event that your home does catch fire. This way you will ensure the safety of all your family members and will know their exact location after a fire breaks out in your home.

Lastly, make sure you have homeowners fire insurance. Some insurance policies will cover fire in their main policy, but some will require that you purchase additional coverage to cover your home should it catch fire. Make sure to read over your policy and see that your home is covered in the event of a fire.

If you are looking for a homeowners fire insurance policy and want a homeowners insurance Florida company you can trust, contact Neighbors Insurance Agency.


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