What Happens When a Guest is Injured on Your RV?

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If you reside on your RV, you may want to host parties and invite over guests. However, what happens when one of those guests is injured on your property? Are they covered under your policy? Will you have to pay for the medical attention should they need it? Don’t try to suffer through these questions alone; contact Neighbors Insurance Agency, a business offering RV insurance Florida trusts. They can speak to you about what your options are for full time RV insurance in Florida and what you can have covered under your insurance policy.

What are your first steps?

If you are having a gathering at your RV and someone is injured, the first step you would want to take is to make sure that the person gets medical attention. Once they have been attended to, then you can go ahead and contact your insurance company about the proceedings regarding bodily injury.

When a guest is injured on your property in a regular home, you would be responsible for any medical bill or other compensation they may require. Your homeowners’ insurance policy covers this. The situation does not change if your primary residence is an RV. This is because since the RV also functions as a primary residence, you are still just as responsible as you would be in a standard home. Thankfully, most full time RV insurance policies cover bodily injury that occurs on your property in the same way that homeowners’ insurance does.

What does full time RV insurance cover?

Full time RV insurance covers an array of things in much the same way that standard homeowners’ insurance would. They function with the same kind of comprehensive nature because both assume that you are on the property year-round. This is especially helpful if your RV is a place that you reside in one non-moving location but can also be useful to those who travel around in their motor home.

If you utilize your RV year-round and it is your primary location of residence then be certain that you are selecting the correct insurance for your purposes. If you select insurance that only covers those who use their RVs recreationally, then you may find yourself with not enough insurance. One way to remedy this is to speak with your insurance company about what your options are. For the best RV insurance Florida has to offer, contact Neighbors Insurance Agency. They have the options you require to make a smart decision about your coverage and ensure that you are prepared for any incidents that may occur on your RV.

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Utilizing your RV can be a joyful thing for you and your family. Don’t let injury and concern for your guests ruin your perfect time and keep you from inviting people to your home. Contact Neighbors Insurance Agency in Florida about how to get the best RV insurance Florida has to offer and making sure that your guests are covered in the event that anything happens.