4 Steps You Can Take To Lower Your Homeowners Insurance

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There are a number of ways you can get the best homeowners insurance policy for your needs without having to do a lot of extra work to get them. Usually there are things that you can do or adjust in your very own home that are certain to lower your insurance policy costs. Neighbors Insurance Agency, a business offering homeowners insurance Florida trusts, is happy to help you get the lowest price for the best policy.

1) Home security systems get you the best homeowners insurance

The best homeowners insurance companies will typically offer you some sort of reward for securing your home. This reward usually comes in the form of a discount from your insurance policy. Because you are taking the initiative to protect your home from thefts and break-ins, the company knows that they will probably not have to worry about you filing any claims.


While companies will normally give you a discount regardless of what type of a home security you have, the ones that have a direct response system set up with the local police and fire department are more likely to get a higher discount.

2) Home and car discount

If you combine your home and auto policy by using the same company, typically that company will give you a significant discount. This is because since they have more of your business they understand that you are a loyal customer. Ask your homeowners insurance Florida: “What type of a discount you can get if you combine your auto and home policies?”


3) EFT payments

Paying electronically is the way that most companies want to be paid nowadays. This is typically because most companies are making an effort to streamline their payment process and reduce their usage of paper. What this means is that you will typically pay a little more if you send in physical payments. Companies can offer discounts if you have automatic deductions from your account.

4) Safety precaution systems

If you have deadbolts on every door then you can receive a discount from your homeowners insurance company. This is because your insurance company is trying to minimize the amount that they would have to pay out when they commit to a particular policy holder. If you have deadbolts on your doors you are less likely to deal with break-ins and are therefore less likely to have to use your policy for a theft claim. Due to the added security to your home, you are more valuable to an insurance company.


For this same reason, smoke alarms and sprinkler systems can come at a discount for you. If you have them installed in your home, you may be able to receive a discount for safety reasons. Because your home is less likely to be subject to a large fire, you are much more valuable to them as a customer.


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