2 December, 2017
full time RV insurance in Florida

What Happens When a Guest is Injured on Your RV?

If you reside on your RV, you may want to host parties and invite over guests. However, what happens when one of those guests is injured on your property? Are they covered under your policy? Will you have to pay for the medical attention should they need it? Don’t try to suffer through these questions alone; contact Neighbors Insurance Agency, […]
1 December, 2017
garage insurance in Florida

Do You Need a Separate Insurance Policy for Your Shed or Detached Garage?

Most people, when they incorporate additional structures onto the property of their homes, will have questions about whether or not those new structures will be covered under their current home owners’ policy. That is a normal question, however, it can be slightly complicated one to tackle. Taking a look at your particular circumstances will help you determine if you require […]